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Salesforce have stopped most corporate trips around the world in response to the Corona(COVID-19)

Salesforce and Twitter both radically reduce employee travel and place the bag in company events, as a result of the fast-moving COVID-19 outbreak.

Salesforce (NYSE:CRM), on Monday, said it will implement a number of safety precautions for the month of March.

Salesforce (NYSE: CRM) said on Monday that it will implement a series of safety precautions for March.

“We are implementing initial safety precautions ... including prohibiting cross border travel, restricting all but the most critical domestic travel, replacing our in-person customer events with digital experiences, and enhancing our office protocols to ensure we provide the healthiest work environment possible,” Salesforce said in a blog post.

These initiatives are similar to the COVID-19 policies introduced by Twitter over the weekend.

In one post, he said, Twitter (NYSE: TWTR) began notifying its partners and employees on Saturday that it would stop all business trips and non-critical events immediately.

The microblogging giant will keep this policy in effect until the World Health Organization, or CDC, says it is raising epidemic prevention measures or a COVID-19 vaccine is available.

Salesforce said travel and event restrictions will continue for at least a month, with the giant SaaS monitoring the situation and making adjustments as necessary.

Salesforce and Twitter are among the latest tech giants to take measures to reduce their employees and partners' exposure to COVID-19, a fast-moving virus that has infected 89,813 people worldwide and has killed nearly 3,000 people since it first appeared in China at the end of the year the past. In the United States, there were at least 74 cases and six deaths.

In a separate post on Monday, Twitter said it requires employees in Hong Kong, Japan and Korea to work from home, and encouraged all workers around the world to work from their homes if possible.